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Call name: PolARTS 22

Deadline for application: 02 February 2022 16:00

Please complete all mandatory fields and press "Save Draft" or "Submit".

REMINDER ABOUT ELIGIBILITY RULES: Please make sure to study the criteria and condition for this call closely. All application documents must be uploaded through the online application form. Applications sent by email will not be accepted and incomplete application will be considered ineligible. Applications must be submitted as a joint proposal from the artist and the scientist. A complete application file consists of: A full application consists of the following: 1. Online application form (compulsory - see below) 1.1 Application form A – joint tandem proposal (compulsory – use provided word form and upload as PDF) 1.2 CV of the scientist and publications list (compulsory – free format, upload as PDF) 1.3 Portfolio and CV of the artist with artistic practice (compulsory – free format, upload as PDF) 1.4 Application form B – Field trip (optional – use provided word form and upload as PDF) SUBMISSION INFORMATION: The deadline for submission is 31 January 2022, 17.00 (Swiss time). No late applications will be accepted. Should any problem occur in the submission process, contact: grants@swisspolar.ch. Please note however that trouble-shooting in the last minutes before the deadline cannot be guaranteed. ABOUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM : Please note that the online application platform used for the PolARTS call for proposals has been developed for the Swiss Polar Institute and is designed to support the management of scientific projects. The platform’s design, and in particular the part 1 (see below), unfortunately does not allow to register as a tandem and hence does not reflect the true composition of applying tandems. We invite the scientific tandem partner to provide her/his details in part 1, as the requested information largely relates to academic references. These details will be used for statistical purposes only. The PolARTS project proposal must be uploaded in part 2 of the platform. It must include the full details of both tandem members and will serve as the basis for the evaluation of the proposed PolARTs project. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Application form

Part 1: General Information


Enter your ORCID iD (e.g.: 0000-0002-1825-0097).
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Where applicable, please enter the date on which you were awarded, or expect to be awarded your PhD (use the format mm-yyyy)
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Proposed project

Name of the proposed project
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Date on which the project to be funded by SPI, is expected to start
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Part 2: Proposal and supporting documents

Please upload the following documents:
Please upload here the completed application form A as a PDF document
Please upload here the CV and the publications list of the scientific tandem partner (free format, upload as PDF)
Please upload here the portfolio and CV of the artistic tandem partner (free format, upload as PDF)
Please upload here as a PDF document the application form B, should the planning of your field trip be enough advanced. Should you not be ready yet, you can do so at a later stage of your project.

Part 3: Budget requested

Maximum budget: 12'500.00 CHF

For each cost category, please give details of all items and related costs.
For details on eligible costs and budget structure, please refer to the call text.

Category Details Total (CHF)
Compensation for the artist
Budget required for artist's compensation.
Consumables for artistic work
Budget required for artistic consumables.
Consumables for scientific work
Budget required for scientific consumables.
Budget required for travel needed for the proposed work.

By ticking this box you agree to the Swiss Polar Insitute (SPI) storing your personal data for the purpose of administering your proposal. The data you provide here will be kept private and held securely by the SPI. Anonymised statistics will be produced about the proposal applications. If your proposal is selected for funding, your data will also be used for the administration of your project and may contribute to scientific metadata for the project.
By ticking this box you agree to receiving news and future opportunities from SPI. Your contact details will not be used for other purposes.

After saving your draft proposal you will be able to edit the proposal until the call deadline. Unsubmitted drafts will not be evaluated.
Please make sure to submit the final version of your proposal before the call deadline. Once you have submitted your proposal you will no longer be able to make any modifications.