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Call name: Polar Access Fund 2023

Deadline for application: 19 January 2023 12:00

Please complete all mandatory fields and press "Save Draft" or "Submit".

REMINDER ABOUT ELIGIBILITY RULES Applicants are reminded to study the eligibility rules for this call closely. Ineligible applications will not be submitted to evaluation. To be eligible, proposals must notably respect the call’s general aims, the definition of the call’s target public, eligible costs as well as geographic focus. Proposals for field trips which are not taking place in the frame of an already approved and funded research project (overarching project) will be considered ineligible. Applicants who have already been on field trips in polar regions will not be declared ineligible but should duly explain which trips have been completed and how the proposed field trip distinguishes itself from previous opportunities. A complete application consists of: 1) Completed online application form 2) Attachments to be uploaded into online application form as PDF: 2.1) CV of the applicant, including a publication list (compulsory – free format) 2.2) Letter of support by supervisor at Swiss affiliated institution (compulsory – free format) 2.3) Letter of support by local partner (optional – free format) Please be aware that the applicants will need to include an ORCiD ID, for themselves and their overarching project supervisor. SUBMISSION INFORMATION Please complete all mandatory fields in this form and attach files where required. You can save drafts as you go along, but to do so, make sure that all mandatory fields have entries. Please ensure you submit the application for evaluation; any unsubmitted proposals will not be evaluated. The online application form will be closed on the deadline date. No late applications will be accepted – no exceptions! Should you encounter any problem in the submission process, contact: grants@swisspolar.ch.

Application form

Part 1: General Information


Enter your ORCID iD (e.g.: 0000-0002-1825-0097).
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Where applicable, please enter the date on which you were awarded, or expect to be awarded your PhD (use the format mm-yyyy)
Please write a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation email when saving and submitting your application form. This email address will also be used for communication purposes
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Proposed project

Name of the proposed project
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Please select at least 5 keywords that describe the proposed project. If the keywords you are looking for do not exist, then add each term separately
Date on which the project to be funded by SPI, is expected to start
Date on which the project to be funded by SPI, is expected to end
Expected duration of the project in months

Overarching project

Please add the following details describing the overarching project to which this proposed project would contribute.

Title of the project
Please add the details of the overarching project supervisor.
Enter the supervisor's ORCID iD (e.g.: 0000-0002-1825-0097).
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Part 2: Proposed project description

Concise statement of the goals, milestones and significance of the field trip.
Describe the scientific goals of the field trip and methodology to be used, and outline the advantages of the study site(s) in view of the realisation of the said scientific goals.
Describe the existing overarching scientific project into which the field trip would be inserted (incl. funding and duration). Particularly highlight the added-value of the field trip for the existing project as well as the project’s link with issues related to climate change.
Compile a precise list of requirements (access to infrastructure, etc.) Outline the feasibility, existing local contacts or support and the logistics involved.
Provide a risk analysis of the proposed project and the foreseen mitigation measures. Risks to be assessed should include the health and safety of participants during the project, but also aspects that could negatively impact the successful realisation of the later.
Please describe the expected outcomes of the proposed project, including sample archives, datasets and publications. Please specifically outline the planned analytical work and valorisation of the samples/data to be collected during the fieldtrip and clarify whether resources are or will be available for such work. Additionally, specify the repository each anticipated dataset will be shared in, as well as its envisaged accessibility (i.e., closed, mediated, embargoed, open).
Offsetting of carbon emissions is an eligible cost, if not already an option provided by the institution of the applicant. Describe the measures and strategies taken to reduce carbon emissions off and in the field, as well as possible compensation measures (whether funded by SPI or not). Please include the related costs in the "Budget requested" Section.
Please list destination, purpose, collaboration partners and duration
Please highlight here any useful additional aspects
Websites, links to publications, etc. which might be useful in assessing the proposed project.
Please upload a copy of your CV, including publication list
Please upload a letter of support from the supervisor at Swiss home institution
Please upload a letter of support from a local partner
Please upload additional relevant documentation as a single pdf file

Part 3: Budget requested

Maximum budget: 20'000.00 CHF

For each cost category, please give details of all items and related costs.
For details on eligible costs and budget structure, please refer to the call text.

Category Details Total (CHF)
Budget required for logistics that would be needed for the proposed work, such as shipment of goods, access to a station etc.
Equipment / consumables
Budget required for equipment or other consumables that would be needed for the proposed work.
Lodging / board
Budget required for accommodation and food.
Budget required for travel needed for the proposed work.
Carbon emissions compensation
Budget required to compensate for carbon emissions.
Budget required for other items not listed here.

By ticking this box you agree to the Swiss Polar Insitute (SPI) storing your personal data for the purpose of administering your proposal. The data you provide here will be kept private and held securely by the SPI. Anonymised statistics will be produced about the proposal applications. If your proposal is selected for funding, your data will also be used for the administration of your project and may contribute to scientific metadata for the project.
By ticking this box you agree to receiving news and future opportunities from SPI. Your contact details will not be used for other purposes.

After saving your draft proposal you will be able to edit the proposal until the call deadline. Unsubmitted drafts will not be evaluated.
Please make sure to submit the final version of your proposal before the call deadline. Once you have submitted your proposal you will no longer be able to make any modifications.